Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First Post

Well, here is the first post of my blog. I decided to start this blog for a few reasons...I thought it would be a good way of keeping family and friends up to date with goings on in my new home town of Brighton, I can post pictures and so on, and also it will help me a bit more in my understanding of all things online - pretty important for my new job. [There my first bit of HTML!] In fact a lot of my colleagues have blogs and I think its a fun thing to do! Plus its about time I caught up with cyberspace, after being locked away in the luddite music industry for so long. More about that later I suppose. Suffice to say I have been living in Brighton for 5 weeks now and am loving every moment of it.

I also wonder exactly what sort of postings should go on these blogs, I confess to not having actually read that many. I think simple is best, so I'll kick off with the BEST thing about living in Brighton so is of course the SEA!

So above is a picture of what is now my commute to work, it certainly beats battling buses around the Hammersmith broadway! Nothing like a cycle ride in the sunshine and some sea air in the morning to start the day. At the end of this bit of the Hove seafront there is a cafe on the beach where I often stop, sit down and stare at the sea, have a coffee before work - and end up thinking I must be on holiday or something. [Friends tell me that even after living in Brighton for 2 years they still think they are on holiday!]. Long may that feeling last I say.

And of course probably the most famous aspect of Brighton is the pier - a few weeks ago it was my nephews birthday and he decided of all things he would like to do is to spend it on the pier - and those scary rides. Pretty good fun though if you are 11!! And a really good tip which a local barber gave me turned out to be true - the best fish and chips in Brighton are on the pier [halfway up, not the dodgy ones at the entrance]. Actually, having not tasted any other fish and chips in Brighton I'm not exactly qualified to say that..but they were pretty good I have to say.

Right, busy day tomorrow, so I am going to try to work out now how to actually post this to the web..and then post some more news and useless information soon!


Master Danny Kapoor said...

Sawadeekrup! Nice blog Will!!

Good idea to keep us in touch and up to date with your new life...i c u put my website link as well! How was the Thai Boxing class you said you were going to try out? Maybe you can blog about it and more about your training next posting!!! I'll let u know asap when the Sunday classes start again so u can come UP. Sav won the IKF Southern Area Title by the way..Depesh won as little Wayne fighting For EMF Amateur Southern Title 28th May at Tottenham KO Gym. Everyone training hard...Nadir still in there doing well...ur definitely missed and i bet u miss Muay Thai with RukThai Camp,but it sounds like u made the right choice. I'll be shooting an Martial Arts Action Short Film around out for more news. Take care Will and keep in touch - Master Danny Kapoor RUKTHAI CAMP in busy busy fast fast expensive expensive LONDON!!!!!

Will Lockie said...

nice to hear from you Danny - I just posted a bit about the new classes down here. Good luck to all ruk thai camp, and nice to hear about the wins and you becoming a film star - better than Ong Bak I bet!

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