Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shoreham to Eastborne

Enjoyed a great ride yesterday with Jim and Jonny - starting off in Shoreham and heading west to Eastborne. Unfortunately Jons knee started playing up near the top of Bear road. We'd done about 20 miles by this point so sadly he called it a day. Jim and I pressed on, quick lunch in Alfriston and made it into Eastborne late afternoon.

According to Jims GPS we did 41 miles in 6hrs 13 min - avg. speed 6.5 mph I think.

If we are to complete the randonee challenge that avg needs to come way up. gulp.

Have been playing around with Google My Maps, my first effort to map the Arundel - Brighton ride is here. Pretty cool, we'll add some pics in, and I'll try and map the whole route eventually!

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used vans girl said...

What a cool life you guys lead, The pics on your site are fantastic!! Cheers for sharing Im jealous.