Saturday, October 20, 2007


Good Lord, we did it!

The climb was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve encountered – it was totally epic. Photos and words do not do it justice at all – you’ll just have to go and see for yourself! My best days were those prior to the summit day, which was frankly a bit of a nightmare and my memories of that day are rather dark to be honest because I was not feeling so great (major headaches=no sleep/lots of worry about whether my head was going to explode).

Anyway! My favourite memory was climbing the Barranco Wall – it was like something out of an Indiana Jones film – there was a real adventurous buzz in the air that day, equipment clanking and lots of shouting in the camp before we left. Brilliant. And scary.

In summary, I am totally chuffed that we all made it to the top in one piece, nobody got hurt or really ill, and we raised a shedload of money for a dedicated charity. Being able to visit the Amani Home and see how the money can help was really important to us, and I am even more pleased that we smashed our fundraising target.

The total amount we raised collectively currently stands at £12,402.72.

Blogger doesn't seem to like images today, so here is a link to the flickr set, and Toms pics.


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