Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am the worst blogger in the world

But who cares.

The first half of the year rocketed by as I spent most of my time living in Leeds, working on a secondment for a client. Tiring - but incredibly rewarding and I finished my time there loving what I do even more. Now the situation has changed somewhat, but we just have to see how it pans out. I hope all the friends I made in my time there are OK. They are a good bunch.

And other stuff I have mainly been trying to surf as much as possible - which included an epic incident where I managed to crease a brand new board, bang my head, rip my wetsuit and then crash my car - all on the same day..akk! Anyway..

Onwards to what spurred me to put up a post. A nice follow up to our Kilimanjaro climb (almost one year ago to the day!)

We received an email from Valerie Todd, the director of the home - they have finally built the playground which we helped to fund. Here it is - wicked! So good to see something that everyone at work contributed to finally there, and the kids are loving it according to Valerie.

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