Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cyclosport Ride and Moment of Joy

Today we went for a ride with the Cyclosport team. A lovely jaunt around the Surrey Hills taking in Box Hill on the way back to the pub for lunch. It was a big group, and a relaxed vibe and pace. In attendance were a couple of cycling legends: Magnus B├Ąckstedt and Stephen Roche. They both gave a little speech after lunch, and this was a particular highlight of the day. Magnus said some really nice words on his view of cycling and what we do: a responsibility to get young kids out there on their bikes and promote cycling to younger generations. Well said.

Why there was a moment of joy
On our way to the ride meeting point in Kingston, we sped past a car. In the car was a little kid, staring at us like we were aliens. As I passed I gave him the thumbs up and a smile. He returned the thumbs up and broke into a massive grin. It made my day, thanks kid, I hope you become a cyclist someday.

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My Shopping Genie said...

It’s good that you can brighten up other people’s days, doing something you enjoy