Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good news and bad news

Fantastic way to end the week: the Spannerworks blog goes live and, at the same time, we find out that Spannerworks has been voted best agency for search marketing in the UK, fourth best overall digital agency in the UK, and third best agency for account management in the UK, in a survey by Revolution magazine. Competing agencies are nowhere to be seen. It makes for an awesome first post!

And on a similar subject, heres a man who knows a thing or two about blogging - highly recommended reading.

I have been premature in hoping my seagull issue has gone away - last night it was even worse. I'm seriously thinking of taking some radical action - would anyone notice if I took the little bleeder out with an airgun?! Or am I ever going to be able to sleep through it, even with earplugs...time will tell.

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