Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Paddle round the pier

Had a lot of fun last week doing this - I dont think I have seen so many people paddling in the water before, especially not around the west pier. They kicked off the day with a paddle race from pier to pier..and the guy who won it looked suitably tired..thats a fair old way. Then everybody got together in the afternoon for the big paddle..the best bit was hanging out in the sea and having a chat with the others once we were out there. I saw Norman Cook looking suitably confused and going in the wrong direction in his kayak at one point. They also had some great float type entries - a pretty good pirate ship which I think won..and a bed which really did not look like it woud float. Both made it all the way round.

Another good thing they did was have some CPR lessons from the St Johns ambulance people - so I know now what to do if someone has drowned or otherwise not breathing - dont stop compressions basically. A good day out and some practical knowledge to boot.

On a different note, the nesting seagulls which have been keeping me awake at night seem to have quietened down lately - I'm not sure why..but its good, hope it lasts. If theres one thing I did not expect to be happening when I moved to Brighton its being kept awake by the loudest squaking ever. So I've gone from being kept awake by the crack dealer next door in the local seagulls. Still, I know which I prefer..

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Sean said...

Its all happening again this weekend. Saturday & Sunday 7th / 8th July 2007. Check out