Sunday, August 13, 2006

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Felt like I've rediscovered an old friend this week - I was in Borders and came across what looked like a new Hunter S Thompson book - in fact it was published 3 years ago, so 2 years before he sadly decided he'd had enough [and what a way to go..] Ever since my college days [and writing a dissertation on the man] I've kept up with his work..but in recent years, and shortly before his death, I'd lost touch a bit. So I am enjoying his words very much on more recent issues. And I have to say, that in all his writings he has been nothing but consistent on the subject of quite how scary the system is, from Mr Bush. That is where my respect for him lies - HST had it sussed since the 60s...

On "the foul nature of life in the USA" today, he says in the opening chapter:

"It would be easy to say that we owe it all to the Bush family from Texas, but that would be too simplistic. They are only errand boys for the vengeful, bloodthirsty cartel of raving Jesus-freaks and super rich money mongers who have ruled this country for at least the last 20 years..they take orders well, and dont ask too many questions..their ideal solution to all the nations problems would be another 100 year war"

And on ''freedom from fear'' he neatly concludes:

''Lets not carried away here. Freedom was yesterday in this country. Its value has been discounted. The only freedom we truly crave today is freedom from Dumbness. Nothing else matters''

I couldnt agree more, and cant help feeling these words dont only apply to the USA. Look forward to reading the rest of this book. RIP HST.

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