Monday, August 14, 2006

Random shots from the last few weeks

Kick off with some cone action on the seafront..Tony styles it on what was definitely one of the hottest days of the summer so far..the tarmac was melting..nice moves..!

The calm before the storm..Ben and Morlo, before Ben Jacksons party down in Somerset.

Nice sunset over Glastonbury Tor.

Wheres my whistle? Cracking picture!

I think this was when we started playing some silly 6 am music..and just what is that dude wearing? After that it was a game of tennis, with some fairly odd rules..a guiness or 2..and bed.

Justin looking chilled in the morning sun and somehow I decided not to post that one of you in the pink wig ;]

Big thanks to Ben J, his mum for the lovely food, and everyone else - party of the year!

Once we'd recovered from the up was a spot of mackerel fishing this weekend. All aboard.

Ross hauls in the first whopper of the day.

Then off to the Pier for some dodgems and games, helped along by a few shots of tuaca

I am slowly building up a portfolio of people I know in this pose. This is quite a scary one.

Fun days out indeed - everybody, move to Brighton...

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