Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Birds

At last..the gulls that have been giving me sleepless nights have..well, grown up and left the nest. I'm assuming however they will be back next summer. Still..peace and quiet now reigns in SoHO (thats south of hove apparently - rah!) - and thats GOOD news.

Other things I have been up to;

A resurgence of record buying - picked this Switch track up, even though its old I rate it - and buying a copy of this tune after hearing it incessantly, most recently at a rather good party and so caving in...

Reading this excellent interview with Ian Sinclair on JGB..I remember reading one of IS's earlier books - 'White Chappel, Scarlet Tracings'..and not really getting I think I might revisit that one. His social / historical account of a trip around the M25 is pretty interesting (thats sounds worse than it is)..though it is not exactly a thriller as you might expect. Strangely enough - after negotiating most of the M25 today via the Dartford toll - it struck me that the 2 places that are most distinctly ballardian to me are:

- airports (and the weird sort of fatigue you get after spending a lot of time in and out of them, especially ultra modern ones in places like norway)
- motorways (wierd transient road populations - thoughts I had after visiting the same service station twice in Cambridge today at different times of the day -
everyone looked the same)

Not surprising after reading a lot of JGB books..but strangely I like witnessing it in some odd way. Its not right is it.

But mostly looking forward to reading JGB's next book - although it all sounds familiar territory, I can't wait. One of these amazing images should grace the cover.

And finally looking forward to getting away for a few days down in Devon or cornwall for some surf soon, work has been very busy lately and I think a long weekend in September beckons..and on that note I should mention Neils blog - all about..surfing holidays. And in fact I only logged onto blogger to do that and ended up on some weird book tangent ;]

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