Friday, September 22, 2006

Fun things

Some fun things I came across in the last week or so:

Love this news map

This guy has so much style - its old but I came back to it recently..the cheeky little backside slide/5-0 thing..not to mention the escalator

The future? - lots of people gathered round screens in the office watching this..I do wonder how much one of those screens costs though.

This film [complete with Hollywood style voiceover similar to the Terminator films]..deep stuff, and not a million miles away from something JB Ballard said the other day at a reading of his new book. Commenting on the web he said something like ''I'm just waiting for some huge corporation to come along and buy it, or seal parts off''. His predictions have been pretty accurate so far...!

Finally, lots of oohs and aahs in the office looking at cool stuff like this, but in 3D.

I think might becoming a bit geeky.

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Dean Harvey said...

Hey Will,

just stumbled across your blog, great stuff - love your mate's boat. Big isn't it? I've got you RSS'd now so I can keep abreast of your weekends!