Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bonfires and Birds

Its been ages since I last posted - November has shot past in a blur!

Main highlights were bumping into friends from London on the way to the Lewes bonfire night, and having an extremely enjoyable, and somewhat surreal, night out. Good to find a pretty unique streak of patriotism [but dont forget to burn the catholics] in these overly pc times. Great fun over a few pints of harveys, apart from my mate getting injured [tiny burn] by the industrial bangers going off all over the place. Particularly good was the effigy of Condeleeza Rice [complete with huge butt]..presumably burnt with much glee later on!

I think these guys below had the best outfits - I want to join *that* bonfire society..

Also been doing some beating on the shoots up near Uckfield with my brother in law and nephew...great days out, especially on those crisp winter mornings, mist rising and hipflasks all round. Applying for my shotgun license now, so next year I'd like to join properly as a full gun. Heres Felix with a brace that made a particularly good casserole on the sunday [surprised myself with that one, not having cooked it before - the dry cider made it!]..