Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy New Year Pow!

Spent this new year up the place to be i reckon. booked a week in serre chevalier with tom, dave and alex from work..we were lucky, it dumped the first few days. so we hunt the powder..and spent an awful lot of time digging myself out - *frankly perfect*!!!! big smiles all round.

great fun had by all, 2 injuries inc my shoulder, many vin chaud drunk and a top way to kick off 2007. my typing is crap cos i'm one handed, apologies. dave coats has summarised it on his blog too inc the legendary 'lost in briancon' evening..yet somehow manages to omit his claim that 'we were only 20 miles from the med'. ;]

planning next trips already..long weekend in tignes with the powderhounds crew, *maybe* us/canada depending on funds, and maybe a bit of snowbombing action in april.

ouch. enough typing. a few nice pics below, some more on flickr.

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Alex said...

No seriousl we were only 20 miles from the med! ;-)