Monday, October 12, 2009

Charge Spoon saddle

After having blasted home on Friday night in torrential rain, I can safely say the bikes brakes work well when wet! Unfortunately because of moving flat and things I didnt get to ride it over the weekend, so I only have more night to ride it. On the run in this morning, I had raised the saddle a little and the fit felt better - and faster. I love the Spoon saddle - have been riding this for a few months on my other bike and it is definitely a good balance between comfort and weight -plus of course here they look well fly in brown! The only thing I think I would change on this bike is the handlebars - I would probably put some straight ones on, not sure what kind of grips you would use though. Tonight I'll flip the hub and probably crash on my way to work tomorrow. Wish me luck. As an aside, here is my current favourite bike related video clip. Nuts.

Massan from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

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Cloudnein said...

What a crazy fucker that dude in the vid is!!