Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last post on the Plug. So I flipped the hub around and rode it into work fixed. Strange to begin with, but ultimately I did like the feeling of being more in control, and just having to be more aware of your environment and the road ahead. Twice I found the pedal kicking my leg back up though - first when I realised I had to stop at the junction (and couldnt flip the pedal back to start again, and had to do a lame little walk to get going) and secondly when I was going to hop up a kerb, and out of habit started to coast..but couldnt found my back leg popping off again! Apart from those 2 little incidents I enjoyed it - not sure if I am converted yet to ride fully fixed, but I am definitely going to invest in a similar single speed bike. Probably the Plug racer, black frame and red chain does it for me.

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Anonymous said...

I had thr same problem but luckily helped me out a lot!