Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Racer arrives!

The Plug racer is here! So after my little round of test riding the regular Plug, I opted for the racer version - slighly more bling and all the better for it. I swapped out the drop handlebars and stuck on the straight ones - and am slowly getting used to them. Evans had a good deal where they add on an extra 10% of your ride to work voucher - so I got some extra goodies, trackpump, new computer, and some see through grips for the handlebars.

First real blast along the crisp and sunny seafront this morning was an absolute joy.

This bike is going to keep me well fit, especially when riding against the wind. Have not switched it to fixed yet, but working on that.

The bike room under the office is now becoming a little charge bikes treasure trove. Lovely.


mike leighton said...

Nice! By the way, how did you fix the brake levers to the flat bars? I've recently done the same and found the bar is thinner than the drop bars and as a result i'm using some rubber to fix the levers in place, not very successfully either lol.

Will Lockie said...

Hi Mike, cheers, you are spot on, need to wedge a little bit of rubber [something about 2mm thick] on the underside to fix the brakes on!

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