Friday, April 09, 2010

My new job

Is a little like this:

And I am loving it. Making the move client side had to be done at some point, and it's not often you get the chance to combine 2 things you love: (digital+bikes) = joy.

So I am making the most of it and riding loads. The Stumpjumper has some nice new kit to go on it, including a shiny new pair of mallet 2's, which have taught me a valuable lesson. Pedal threads always loosen in the opposite direction to the direction of the pedal. Unfortunately I had tightened mine trying to remove them: resulting in it being impossible to remove, total schoolboy error. After most of the Gatwick store having a go at it, Al the uber mechanic from the Brighton store managed to do it - by removing the chainset, putting the crank in a vice, and using his 6ft bar ('the persuader') to get some leverage. A big crack, a slightly bent allen, and it came free. Thank you Al!